Further to its distribution agreement with Ananda Media in France, ‘Turtles & Hares: Team Carrie Marathon Runners’ is now available to watch on Vimeo on Demand & Amazon (UK).

Not all heroes wear capes and in David Carrie’s case, his hero’s clothing of choice is a pair of running shorts. Postman by day and Running Guru by night, David Carrie is a former Irish international athlete who has turned the small country town in which he lives into the undisputed Marathon Capital of Ireland, with a population of only 1,800 and yet almost 1,000 Dublin Marathon finishers.

However, this one-hour documentary is not just about running or about completing a marathon – it is about a movement of mind, passion, hope and spirit – all captured through the eyes and lives of the leaders & members of Team Carrie over the course of 6 months in 2016.

Ever wished you could run a marathon? Welcome to Team Carrie’s world – we’ll see you at the start line.