Have a listen to the promo of our new 1-hour radio documentary ‘The Curragh Wrens’, which will broadcast on Kfm Radio Kildare on Thursday October 15th 2020 at 7pm and again on Saturday October 17th 2020 at 11am.


This one-hour radio documentary offers a posthumous voice to a group of women who lived as outcasts in 19th century Ireland – the wrens. Focussing on the wrens of the Curragh, the documentary explores how these women came to live on the margins of society as a phenomenon emanating from the Great Hunger. Destitute, starving and considered the lowest of the low, they were shunned by society, the workhouse and the church. Over 150 years on, ‘The Curragh Wrens’ revisits the story of a group of women who until now, were destined to be forgotten.
Funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) with the Television Licence Fee