We recently spent a beautiful morning recording in Omeath for our radio documentary ‘The Forgotten Gaeltacht’, funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) for LMFM Radio.

‘The Forgotten Gaeltacht’ uses interviews with locals from the Omeath area, along with a walking tour of the now abandoned Gaeilgeoir’s cottages in the Cooley Mountains to help tell the story of the Gaeltacht that used to exist high in its hills, until the last native speakers passed away approximately 50 years ago.

Archive recordings of the last natives speaking in the local Omeath Irish dialect are intercut with Irish traditional music native to the area, to assist in the telling of the story of the forgotten Gaeltacht of Leinster, along with the setting up of Coláiste Bhríde in 1912, and its important links to Irish revolutionaries such as Eoin MacNeill and Padraig Pearse.